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Our values ​​and experiences shape us and make us who we are.


Foodganic is based in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, where trade is traditionally rooted. When raw materials arrive there from India, for example, we know exactly who planted, harvested and processed them, as we still have family there today and many personal contacts with farmers who are part of the Foodganic network. As often as possible, we ensure the high quality of their products and work together to become more and more sustainable. Dealing responsibly with nature and its resources is not just the order of the day, it is also part of the teaching of Guru Nanak: We are all called to protect air (pavan = guru), water (paani = father), soil (mata = mother) and all living beings. That is why Foodganic has dedicated everything it does to the goal of preserving natural resources and biodiversity for future generations.


“I worked in global trade for many years, including in the chemical and food industries. Gradually, I gained insight into how the food chain works and its impact on human and natural health. As a member of a farming family, I was able to empathize with the increasingly difficult situation of smallholders and realized that I wanted to counter the dependency on seed companies and agrochemicals with new alternatives that would also give the younger generation a chance. This is how Foodganic came about.”

Hardeep Singh Hothi, Founder and Managing Director of Foodganic GmbH

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